MTA est le fruit de Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV (ra), et depuis sa fondation la MTA a été une chaine unique dans plusieurs aspects. Son objectif principal réside dans la production de programmes qui peuvent être appréciés par des gens de tous âges et à tout moment. D’autant plus, la télévision joue un rôle primordial à travers le monde et, par conséquent, se consacre d’appliquer cette influence lumineuse dans le but d’éduquer ses téléspectateurs. La MTA ne dépend pas des sponsors commerciaux ou d’autres licence restrictive, ce qui lui donne l’indépendance de se concentrer à produire une variété de programmes sur un éventail de sujets (des documentaires approfondies sur des questions politiques, sociales et religieuses etc.) pour satisfaire les différents goûts et intérêts de ses
téléspectateurs a travers le monde. Visitez :

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Ahmadiyyat  propagates the true teachings of Islam and the message of peace and tolerance through a twenty-four hour satellite television channel (MTA).

Global Vision. Global Values.

MTA International emerged in 1994 with the aim of providing a positive alternative in the broadcasting world.

MTA was the brainchild of Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifat-ul-Masih IV ra, and ever since its inception MTA has been a unique channel in many respects. Its focus lies in producing programs that can be enjoyed by people of all ages at all times. It recognizes that television plays a significant role in the world and has accordingly devoted itself to applying this influence positively for the purpose of educating its viewers. MTA’s future is not dependant upon commercial sponsorships or license fees, thus allowing it to concentrate on producing a variety of programs on a range of subjects for its viewers in all parts of the world, without sacrificing standards.

Global Thinking

MTA offers quality family viewing right across the globe. It broadcasts internationally in up to eight languages simultaneously and features programs focusing on the different cultures of the world and the environments in which they exist. MTA has also kept pace with technology and broadcasts in both analogue and digital. MTA features many thought-provoking discussions and programs on issues of great relevance to society, with some of MTA’s programs being unmatched in their high level of quality.

Global Action

MTA involves itself in all aspects of television from production through to transmission. It uses state of the art equipment in filming, editing and enhancing its programs.MTA remains at the forefront of the television industry with most of its broadcast being in digital. It also seeks to promote new talent and explore new ideas.

Global Choice

MTA has studios throughout the world that contribute towards the international flavor of the channel. This diversity in MTA programs re-enforces its status as a truly global channel. MTA does not differentiate between adults and children on the principles of its programming and all programs are carefully produced and selected to ensure that MTA continues to achieve its objectives. The range of programs on MTA has something to offer our viewers wherever they may be. As we progress we are expanding the choice of subjects being covered to match the diversity of our audience. So why not tune in and see for yourself the world of MTA.

Global Outlook

MTA transcends geographical boundaries and requires no subscriptions from its viewers From Moscow to Melbourne and from Tokyo to Toronto our viewers can watch MTA 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. MTA regularly broadcasts in up to 8 languages including English, Russian, Arabic, French, German, and Turkish. The programs reflect the global audience and are multi-cultural in both content and form.

Global Programming

A wide spectrum of topics is covered on MTA. Discussion programs and in depth documentaries touch upon political, social and religious issues. MTA has a global audience and the vast array of programs ranging from wildlife to cooking to computing are regularly broadcast to cater for different tastes and interests. Language classes that help viewers to improve their linguistic skills include Chinese, Urdu, Norwegian and Indonesian, to name a few. There are also numerous specialized programs.

MTA considers education to be the right of all and not just the privileged few, and this is reflected in our educational programs on health, science and technology. MTA Sciences promote the study of traditional methodologies, such as homeopathy, as well as encouraging modern research. MTA also keeps its viewers up to date on headline news stories as well as the latest sporting action.

Satellite Tuning Details For Receiving Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International

Following Countries

Europe & Middle East – MTA2

SatellitePositionFrequencyMin Dish SizePolarisationSymbol RateFEC
HOTBIRD 7A13′ East10722 MHz1 metreHorizontal29900 Mbps3/4
Video PIDUrduEnglishFrenchGermanArabicBengali

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